These recordings are infused with an intention to move deeper into different places within you. You may be feeling stuck or you feel that there are obstacles and blocks, these sound baths clear your perception and allow you to gain awareness, experience of resolve and induce the given intention.

Jon uses crystal singing bowls, chimes, acoustic guitars, bells, Indian instruments and keyboards to create unique and inspiring sound baths that hold energy to assist you into deeper aspects of clearing, re-aligning, decision making, and harmonizing with your own resonant truth!

These programs have broadcast on MasterWorks Healing Membership site and Healing With The Masters

Each Sound Bath comes in two ways:

  • Full Program (Sound Bath with a dialog on the intention and closing comments)
  • Sound Bath (music only)



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Are you feeling stuck in any particular area in your life? Or do you feel an overall feeling of “lost”? Release the blocks, clear your perception and gain awareness as this sound bath plays with harmony and dissonance to heighten the experience of resolve and induce clarity. Jon uses crystal singing bowls and creates a unique and inspiring sound bath that holds the energy of clarity to assist you into deeper aspects of clearing, re-aligning, decision making, and harmonizing with your own resonant truth!

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This sound bath is perfect for those times when balance seems like a distant memory. Sounds of water from a graceful fountain guide your flow into a deeper sense of Self and invoke the balance of being centered at your core and authentic to your needs. Jon combines deep tones with the dynamic and visceral energy of flowing water to create an opportunity for you to stay connected to the fluidity of balance and authenticity. As you listen, allow the sounds to move through you… cleansing and nurturing your spirit.

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Have you ever felt disconnected because of a difficult situation? Perhaps there’s an aspect of yourself that you’re having difficulty bringing into a state of allowing. What if you could love your experience without judgments and allow yourself to be right here and right now? From the first note of this sound bath you will feel the energy move through you so that you can progress through situations without resistance or hesitation. The songs of spring birds, acoustic guitars, Indian flutes and chimes accompany the expansive resonance of healing crystal bowls and infuse this sound bath with the energy of acceptance as you feel yourself cycle anew. Simply feel your struggles melt away.

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This Sound Bath holds a very powerful grounding energy. The jarring energies pushed through the atmosphere all around the planet on a daily basis can make you feel a little disoriented, ungrounded, flaky or even loopy. Can you relate? The breath is our very life force in this human form and can instantly shift us from reaction to consciousness and connect us to the deeper vibrations of the planet and the celestial bodies. This bath holds the intention of deep breathing—thoughtful meditative breathing—opening your lungs, heart and mind to the ease of the most natural thing we all do. It is definitely one that you will want to listen to frequently to allow yourself to feel a deep connection with Heaven and Earth.

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Can you relate to the idea that transformation doesn’t always feel graceful? When difficulties and challenges arise, do you see them as conflict or as opportunity? The heart needs to be able to experience all the ranges of emotions to be able to move through transitions fully. This sound bath holds the energy of the Divine Self, that deepest part of you that can see situations as temporary and challenges as opportunities. The Divine Self can alter energy and transform experience from negative to positive. Whether you’re meditating or going about your day, this sound bath is designed to help you go deeper and move through transition in a state of grace.

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Do you ALWAYS act out of what you know is in your best interest? Or do you find yourself saying YES when you want to say NO and NO when you want to say YES!? Would you prefer to feel the vibrational qualities and integrity of your soul? The exquisite energies of vibrating and resonating come naturally from deep within your center, deep within the courage to be in your own Truth. This powerful sound bath guides you deeper into being in your Truth. When the actions of your daily life come into the vibration and resonance of your TRUTH you can then be more authentic in all your choices and deeply feel the beautiful harmony you contribute.

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Do you ever feel as though all you have been reaching for is just beyond your fingertips? Or do you get that feeling like you are super close to a breakthrough but don’t know the what or the how? This sound bath has a calming intention of patience and perseverance. We are often most challenged just before reaching that next level, and we can lose sight of our patience of perseverance. It’s easy to want something because we believe we are ready for it. It’s sometimes more challenging to allow it to be ready for us. In this sound bath, crystal bowls meditative chants and instruments encourage our hearts to exercise the patience and perseverance necessary to obtain our next levels!

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Do you ever feel a yearning for home? For that deep connection to the eternal? This very special sound bath holds the powerful energy, intention and whale song of home. We’re all on a journey home, humans and whales alike! That journey can take us to some unexpected places, on roads less traveled and even challenge us to swim upstream. Jon shares a recent experience in which he witnessed a mother whale swimming against the currents to connect with her baby whale. In this tender story and special sound bath we are reminded that in our journey home, we have already arrived.

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Have you ever wished for more time in a day to get to all those to-do’s? No matter how hard we long for more minutes, we all have the same 24 hours in our day. BUT – What if you could change your relationship to time in a way that is always satiating? This sound bath evokes an appreciation and a new perspective of time. The vibrations bring out an awareness of all the growth and healing you have undergone rather than the tugging of what lies ahead. You will be reminded that you are blossoming forward, not struggling to catch up. As you listen to sounds of nature, crystal bowls and acoustic guitars, you will feel a re-alignment with your relationship to time and a sense of harmony that fills your soul that connects you to the only time that really matters…the present moment.

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Do you want to find the peace of meditation in everything you do? Do you have a deep desire to serve? A sense of contribution can illuminate the soul, yet sometimes we forget to recognize the service we bring to our own lives and to the lives of others. This sound bath holds the energy and intention of Honoring Seva, the selfless service brought to the actions you do through compassion and respect of the action itself. Honor the love and meditation you bring to your practices, whether it’s a smile to a stranger, staying present in a daily chore or shifting the vibration of the planet through your acts of kindness. This sound bath brings an honoring of your selfless service and the selfless service you are grateful for in others.

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Do you feel the struggle of similar situations coming into your awareness over and over again and think ‘why does this keep happening to me’? Do you feel the pain of a seemingly ancient wound? This sound bath holds the intention to guide you deeper into the aspects of clearing karma. Through a heightened awareness of welcoming love, giving love and knowing love through your the resonant pulse of your ONE BIG BEAUTIFUL HEART, you will explore the depths of what clearing karma means for you. Of course if you just want to put your feet up and soak in this sound bath free from all thoughts and begin the clearing … that’s okay too.

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Do you ever want a do-over or the feeling of a fresh start? Every moment of every day provides an opportunity to create a new way of being. We exist in a time of huge universal energy shifts and in this sound bath you will connect with the present moment and allow your self to be re-invented, re-invigorated and re-born into each moment. Infused with theta wave activations, this sound bath guides you deeper into meditation and soulful regeneration. Are you ready to feel brand new?

These new sound baths are infused with an intention to move you deeper and hold the energy to assist you in aspects of clearing, re-aligning, decision making, and harmonizing with your own resonant truth!

Each Sound Bath comes in two ways:

  • Full Program (Sound Bath with a dialog on the intention and closing comments)
  • Sound Bath (music only)
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Do you feel like a hamster running on the manifestation wheel? Do you feel like no matter how much you do, say and spend time at the life you envision ­ it never quite gets there?

This Sound Bath holds the intention of manifestation. First and foremost, YOU are a beautiful manifestation of the divine. This sound bath holds the space for you to know at a core level that right now in this moment you have all that you need to create, to sustain and to release. You will re­align as the radiant being that you are ­ the only one who can experience YOUR life and who pursues YOUR vision and who is that balance between all that was and all that is yet to be. This sound bath brings you to the access point of all creation and manifestation, RIGHT NOW. Prepare to live presently and with awareness so that manifestation comes with great ease.

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Do you feel the pressure of expectations, self­-inflicted and by those around you? Do you feel your natural flow thrown “offbeat” by a demanding situation or circumstance? As the world incessantly races around us YOU CAN become the calm center of the spinning top. This sound bath holds the healing energies to wash clean … and allow for the space in your life for new possibilities to show up. You will feel the relief of letting go of expectations in a sweet ahhhhhhh, embracing truth and acceptance right now. Jon invites you to bring your own intention to care most deeply and authentically for yourself. Through this sound bath you will connect with your most authentic experiences of all the senses and become the loving, beautiful, calm and aware being that you TRULY are.

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Have you ever felt that layer of an old self wanting to create a barrier like a thick topsoil to the new seedling that is ready to break through!? Or had that sensation like you know you are almost at that breakthrough point but something is keeping you from getting to that next phase? Or maybe you just want that feeling of lightness and newness after a spring rain. This sound bath holds the intention to cleanse and elevate. Soak in these sounds to help clean out what is no longer serving you. Create the space to deepen connections and create the space to elevate. Resonate with love and simplicity going deeper into the aspects of re­aligning, and harmonizing with your own resonant truth!

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Do you ever hold back what you are really feeling out of fear of rejection of being misunderstood? Do you ever wish you expressed yourself more often and in a more authentic way? This sound bath holds the energy of Vishuddha, the throat chakra, and the intention of finding your unique expression and resonating with YOUR TRUE VOICE. It is at the very core of human nature to express and when you stifle your authentic voice you likely feel a missing, a void or a deep frustration. It’s as though the heart chakra love and the solar plexus creative energy wants to rise up and out but you are blocked! This sound bath works with the vibrational tones of the throat chakra to release any blocks so that you can communicate and express freely. Be patient with yourself through this time of awakening the throat chakra, as that beautiful voice of yours finds its resonate truth.

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Do you ever get to the end of your day and wonder…what happened, it all just flew by? Do eat a meal and then not remember really going through the act of tasting and enjoying? Do you fully use all of your senses every day with awareness? If you want to live a full, abundant, rich life and expand your sense of time you must connect with your senses ­ ALL OF THEM. This very powerful call holds the intention of sensuality. Sensuality isn’t just for the bedroom, it can be accessed and used as a full awareness of all of your senses any time of day. With so much input of information day in and day out you may find yourself trapped in the myopic dimension of your mind. This sound bath allows you to drop the mind chatter and feel all of the senses. From this creates a fullness and a richness you cannot believe! Live in the senses and feel the overflowing of life.

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Do you ever get tired of being the overly‐driven and linear person you think you have to be in order to tackle life’s to‐do lists? Have you ever felt like you were just powering through the motions of life without allowing your creative, loving, and nurturing side to come to the table? This Sound Bath opens you up to the flowing and loving side of yourself that is required to feel the wholeness of life. Male or female, we all have beautiful female energy within that nurtures and encourages new growth. Allow yourself to soak in the resonant waves of this powerful Sound Bath as those beautiful flowers of your soul prepare to blossom.

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Have you ever felt a weakness or smallness in life? Have you ever felt a negativity that seemingly zapped your will to push through a difficult life situation? These feelings can sometimes guise themselves as insurmountable. This sound bath holds the intention of strength. No matter what state you might be in, there is a core place in you that is your inner source of strength. Sometimes getting to this well of courage can allude you. In this strength cultivating sound bath you will reconnect to the FACT that you you are a divine being of love and light FIRST and ETERNALLY. From this Sound Bath you will bring forth to the surface a strength you can carry with you to tackle any challenge, big or small. This strength can not only help you but can fortify the bond with Self, community, truth and love.

Do you ever feel out of sync with yourself? Have you felt as though your creativity and your responsibilities are at odds with one another? Do you want an easy way to stimulate creativity, better task performance, focus, calm and balance within?

Life Vibrations™ is a truly simple and effective audio series that uses the principles of binaural beats mixed with music and ambience to produce balance and union within your brain. By sending one tone to the left ear and another slightly different tone to the right ear, a third tone or frequency is generated between your two ears — which literally produces a balancing of the left and right hemispheres of your brain!

The brain has four primary frequencies or wavelengths: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each of these brain states correlate with higher productivity, effective motivation, deep relaxation, meditative states and restorative sleep. Jon uses his knowledge of sound along with a variety of instruments, crystal bowls, tone chimes, gongs, pink noise, binaural beats and his own private recordings of nature to activate specific brain waves. Through this science and music, you can enhance each of these brain states and increase your over all harmonic balance. You’ll want to use these every day – and just by playing these you can tune your life vibrations.

Each Life Vibration is 55 minutes in length.

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Do you find your thoughts drifting while you are trying to work? Do you have a tough time getting motivated to start on a project (even for something you want to do)? There is a lot of “noise” all around that can affect your ability to focus and be motivated. Generate that focus and motivation from within by stimulating your brain waves. Activate your Beta and Alpha brain waves while listening to music, micro-rhythms and the sounds of the deep forest and tune your frequencies to have higher focus and motivation with this 55 minute life vibration tuning. You’ll be in FLOW with your processes with higher energy, presence and clarity.

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Do you find it difficult to relax? Do thoughts and worries come flooding in the moment you want to take a break? Do you allow enough time to unwind and unburden yourself from life’s “situations” that can feel so overwhelming? When you relax do you disconnect – or connect even deeper? Aligning your physical and mental hemispheres with the slower Theta and Delta waves associated with deep restorative rest and relaxation can move you into a subtle harmony resting in the arms of mother earth. The sounds of sacred chimes, Indian instruments, crystal bowls and the long frequencies of the ocean resonate with the larger natural vibrations of the planet in this Life Vibration.

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Are you feeling closed or shut down either generally or in a particular situation? Do you feel like you are blocked to receiving love, abundance, joy or peace? Explore the deeper currents of your life with this Life Vibration – Opening and Expansion. Activate the states of being associated with deep meditation, mystical intuitive perception and inspired imagination as you gracefully experience a trance like bliss. We are a reflection of the universe and our universe is a reflection of us. Allowing an opening within creates an expansion beyond. Encompassing Pythagorean harmonic spherical relationships to balance your higher frequencies, you can resonate from your core with the choir of the cosmos. The spherical harmonic relationship of bodies in the universe, correlate to the harmonic balance within each of us and can create an opening and expanding to a deeper knowledge of the self and the universe.

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Feeling lost? Feeling disconnected? Feeling pulled in every direction!? Your body cannot “not tell the truth” … so are you listening to what your body is telling you? Aligning your chakras to be in balance is one of the oldest and most sacred ways of creating a sense of balance and harmony within. From the grounding root chakra to the celestial crown chakra, bowls, chimes, tuning forks, sonic frequencies of the Fibonacci sequence and ambient sounds of the river of life generate a brain state and a physical state of alignment. Expect to feel in alignment with who you really are and become more resilient to the negative vibrations around you. This Life Vibration will attune you to the place within that is both solid and flowing, grounded and heavenly in Harmony and Balance.

Perhaps you are going through a transition right now, big or small. Energetically, we all are as this is one of the most poignant times of change in our universe.

These heart-opening songs are inspired by the material of some of the greatest speakers of the human potential movement. This Music has been written and composed with the intention of each of the speakers’ wisdom. By listening to this compilation, you can continue the expansion of opening yourself to the light of that wisdom.

This set includes the full versions of these musical pieces so that you can enjoy them at length. They will motivate, re-activate and prolong your expansion. These songs have held a sacred space for each speaker they have supported; now allow that space to be held for you. Driving in your car, at work or wherever you may be playing on this juicy life adventure… enjoy!