Energized Living Today! 10-18-2012

Wow!  I just had one of the best interviews ever with Cindy Kubica on Energized Living Today.  From the beginning of the call Cindy held a wonderful space for us all to connect and suggested gave everyone a simple process for opening up to the energies of the call.   She asked everyone listening take out a piece of paper and write JUDGMENTS at the top… and if during the course of the call any judgments arise to write them down, notice them and move them off to the side.  It is such a simple and effective way to remove “judgments” and allow ourselves to be present.  And what a powerful call to be present for.  We talked about the sustainable energy for you whole being and how to activate Soul Integration, health and abundance with healing vibrational energies.

If you want to connect with some high frequency energy, I highly recommend listening to this broadcast.  I’m still aglow from the shared connection.  Listen for free for the next 48 hours by going to : http://energizedlivingtoday.com/cmd.php?af=1485101

We had a beautiful sound healing session shifting the space and connecting with our energy fields.  This was a combination process and advanced life vibration that happened live.  The energy is in complete flow during this interview.  Thank you Cindy and your entire team to help spread the word about sound healing, life vibrations and cultivating awareness!

Much Love,