Jon Griffin is a modern-day motivator and composer whose words and music reach the heart in profound ways. With nearly three decades of experience, Jon merges various styles of acoustic and electric music with ambient sounds, binaural beats and brain wave activations. Jon’s philosophy is that sound is a tremendous healer that can not only reach the heart but can energetically vibrate with all parts of the body while simultaneously calming the mind and stimulating the soul.

With early interests in art, expression, sound and philosophy paired with a deeply felt connection to spirituality, Jon has traveled the globe studying cultures, speaking and connecting with people everywhere and listening to the sounds of the planet.  From the bustling streets of New York City to the sacred hums of Nepal, Jon taps into inspiration from the moment-to-moment happenings within and with all.

Jon’s motivation, music and sound work has been used in films, television, healing workshops, videos and various course materials.

His Sunday Sound Bath Series of healing compositions (a contribution to Masterworks Healing Membership) are centered around a transformative method of going deeper into the aspects of clearing, re-aligning, and harmonizing with the resonant truth within us all.

Committed to the advancement of human potential and a paradigm shift in peoples relationship with their own love and fear, Jon believes in creating “a safe, creative environment” for his listeners to channel their own internal melody and healing through the music he creates. His passion for sound brings forth music infused with intentions to guide and encourage people to deepen their heart connection.